CP for Business

1. Costume Puzzle starter kit for schools and activity centers

If you would like to conduct Costume Puzzle workshops in your school or activity center, we will be thrilled to send you our CP starter kit with instructions and guidance on how to conduct the workshop. During the workshops children will learn to create patterns, design outfits, accessories and calculate the sizing of the clothing – just like a real costume designer. Package cosist of 5-10 sets of costumes + instruction sheets for each costume. The whole set will come in a large CP storage box made of the same modules which can also be used for building costumes and accessories. Please drop us an e-mail to
receive an offer or to find out more :)

2. Costume Puzzle B2B kit for Corporate gifts or to add value to your existing product

There are 2 versions of the CP B2B kit — one for adults, one for kids , although we’re more than happy to further customize 
it to fit your company's specific needs. It includes fabric discs made from 100% recycled felt, along with suggested templates with step-by-step instructions. The colors are fully customizable to match your branding. There is no extra packaging; the kit comes neatly tied with ribbon, which is then repurposed into the final product.  The ribbon will have your company's name and logo on it. Want to find out more about the possible collaboration? Please fill in the form below or write us an e-mail.

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