Drago the Fire Breathing Dragon

Drago is the goofiest and friendliest fire breathing dragon you'll ever meet! He is always showind off his fire-breathing skills for his friends.

Aurora the Creative Ballerina

Aurora's creativity is part of what makes Feltland so magical! When she's not waking the village with a song, she's entertaining the children with fantastical stories or choreographing a new ballet routine.

Blake the Busy Bee

Feltland’s bees are a hardworking bunch, but Blake is the busiest bee of them all. He spends his days flying around the kingdom, visiting each and every one of its flowers.

Flora the Genius Fairy Botanist

Flora is Feltland’s resident genius; she’s always running science experiments in her fairy laboratory, searching for ways to make the kingdom’s flowers blossom more beautifully.

Sir William the Brave Knight

Sir William is the protector of the kingdom. He practices his sword fighting skills for hours each day, training in case he ever needs to defend his Feltland friends.

Priscilla the Adventurous Princess

Priscilla is known throughout the land for her kindness and loyalty. She knows every nook and cranny of Feltland by heart and is always trekking to far-off corners of the kingdom to make sure everyone has shelter and enough to eat.


Hi! My name is Karen Korjus and I am the creator of Costume Puzzle.
I grew up in a small village in a northern European country called Estonia. Back when I was a child, I loved to make clothes for my dolls and myself. I was always cutting up mum's dresses and old curtains to get the cloth I needed for yet another creation. Since my sewing machine skills were shaky, my creations never really looked like something you could actually wear. Eventually my seamstress grandmother always had to step in and save the day.

Later, while studying fashion design at university, I made it my mission to make it easier for kids everywhere to design their own clothes. I developed a new clothing construction method that anyone can use to build beautiful clothes. It involves no sewing or patterns! That design method is now the basis of my product, Costume Puzzle.

Karen Korjus


Costume Puzzle

Costume Puzzle is an educational costume building game for children between the ages of 4 and 15. The game consists of differently colored felt modules and an instruction sheet. The felt modules can be easily attached to and detached from one another – just like constructing houses with plastic blocks. You can create costumes by following the instructions in the box or use your imagination to create entirely new ones.The process of creating a costume is often as much fun as playing with one and can unleash creativity you didn’t even know you had.